Natalia Niño Machado

Research Associate | Faculty of Medicine

Anthropologist with Magister on Anthropologist at Universidad de Los Andes, Magister and Doctor on Sciences and Technology Studies at Univesity of Edinburgh. I am interested in the relation between science, technology, and society, my investigation is focused to explore socioculturally aspects of the production and use of technological tools, metrics, classification systems, and standardization processes in the context of public health and global health.

I made qualitative investigation in the nutrition area, just like infectious diseases (Dengue, Malaria, HIV). 

Recent publications: 

Galvis-Malagón , M., Martínez-Cabezas, S. P., Niño Machado, N., & González-Uribe, C. (2023). Who counts? The health metric narratives of venezuelan migrants on the Colombian border. Brazilian Journal of Population Studies, 40, 1–24.

Pickersgill M, Manda-Taylor L, Niño-Machado N (2022) Pandemic preparedness means policy makers need to work with social scientists. Lancet (Commentary) - DOI:

Turner S, Ulloa A, Valencia V, Nino N (2022) Learning from History or Reacting to Events? Colombia's Navigation of Major System Change in Response to COVID-19. En “Organising Care in a Time of Covid-19”. Justin Waring et al. (Eds) Palgrave Macmillan.

Turner S, Niño N, Segura C, Botero-Tovar N (2021) Organisational responses to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on healthcare workers: a qualitative case study from Bogotá, Colombia. BMC Health Serv Res. 11;21(1):792. 021-06825-2

Turner S, Ulloa A, Niño N, Valencia Godoy V (2021). The Role of Intersectoral Action in Response to COVID-19: A Qualitative Study of the Roles of Academia and the Private Sector in Colombia. International Journal of Health Policy and Management. DOI: 10.34172/IJHPM.2021.100

Turner S, Niño N Qualitative analysis of the coordination of major system change within the Colombian health system in response to COVID-19: study protocol. Implement Sci Commun 1, 75 (2020). DOI: